Holidays are not my Friend

Seriously though, holidays are filled with nothing but gravy, and mashed potatoes, and desserts, and chocolate, and pop.. wait what was I talking about?

Oh right! Holidays suck. Especially when you’re trying to eat healthy. See, this past weekend was Easter, and around our house (yes, I still live at home.. don’t judge me, I just finished school and I have a $80,000 student loan to start paying back.. so yes, I still live at home) we have our little cousins over for an Easter egg hunt. This involve hundreds of dollars of chocolate eggs that are then split up between all the “kids.”

Side story: on my moms side of the family, I am the oldest of all the “kids” (cousins) where the next oldest (besides my siblings) is 9 years old. It’s really fucking awesome.. note the sarcasm.

Back to the Easter egg party: I get stuck with this basket stuffed full with chocolate Easter eggs that I can’t even pawn off because my aunts and uncles still think I’m 9 years old. So here I am, trying to lose weight and have a basket full of chocolate at my disposal. Tell me I’m not the strongest fucking fatty in the world for not having touched them yet.. because I am! I’m just praying I make until the weekend and can give it away to all my friends see as most of my friends are guys (I’m not trying to be one of those girls that say she only has guy friends, I actually have a couple girl friends but one is pregnant and one just got engaged and trying to plan a wedding) and why can guys eat anything they want and not gain weight? It’s hard hanging out with only guys who want to go to McDonald’s all the time.

Anyway, two more days until the weekend and I won’t have to see all that chocolate anymore.

I hate holidays.

Anyway, this post isn’t just a holiday eating rant, I realized that in my last post I never mentioned my current weight and my goal weight in my list of goals so here you guys:

Current Weight: 185.5 lbs

Goal Weight: 140 lbs

I also talked about trying to become a runner because, well lets face it, they have the best bodies. Seeing as I can’t run more than a couple minutes without needing to stop and catch my breath, I went to the internet to see if I could find a beginner running program. This is what i stumbled upon:


This is what I have started with, but I started with week two! Anyway, time to go have some supper.. another green smoothie..

I miss pop and chips already..


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